IBERIA – Run to fly 
Chasing banners through the Internet
(Pitch winning online display campaign)

Iberia wanted to aim young people by launching 50 flight tickets every 2 weeks to a specific destination for little money. The brand wanted to urge customers to buy them before these prices went up.

To run a competition on 50 different sites to get one of those tickets through chasing banners across different websites. 

Each banner gave customers access to buy one ticket, and each banner could only be clicked "once". If somebody clicked on a banner that had already been clicked it showed you other website urls to find another banner and keep chasing the tickets.

Every 2 weeks there was a different destination and to keep tracking it, people could follow a Spotify playlist with 50 songs related to that destination. The title of the playlist would change every 15 days according to the new destination and the songs would be removed one by one so people could track how many tickets there were left.

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